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Pharmacovigilance & The National Drug Regulatory Authority

The main responsibility of any Drug Regulatory Authority is to ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of all marketed products within the country. The first two criteria can be established through data obtained from in vitro testi... more
Tumors of the Bronchus and Lung
Lung cancer is the most common cause of deaths from cancer worldwide, causing 1.4 million deaths every year. Lung cancer accounts for 18% of all cancer deaths. Lung cancer strikes about 12,50,000 people a year, of them 9 lac are male and the remaining are female. The overall prognosis in bronchial... more
Importance of Bioavailability Study of Theophylline in Asthma and adjustment in dose regimen
Asthma - since early days has been described as an episodic shortness of breath or dyspnea, which may or may not be associated by a whistling sound. According to the committee on Diagnostic Standards of American Thoracic Society Asthma is an airways obstruction disorder characterised by an increa... more
Medicinal plants of Bangladeshand Scientific Validation oftheir folk medicinal uses
The climate of Bangladesh is hot and humid duringmost of the year. Moreover, large sections of therural and urban population have to work outdoorsunder the sun in humid conditions, which induces profusesweating and renders any clothing worn to be wet. As aconsequence of heat and humidity factors, ... more
R&D in Pharma Sector
The research-based pharmaceutical industry plays a unique role in developingnew medicines and vaccines to prevent and treat diseases, andto improve the lives of patients. For the past 100 years, the Private Sectorhas produced nearly all the medicines and vaccines in the market. Whena pharmaceutica... more
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