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Awareness of the patient and proper medication can keep Asthma under control
As an eminent physician, would you please tell us about the common chest diseases in Bangladesh?
In our country, common Chest Diseases are Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, COPD and Emphysema. Due to season or weather change, we also get many ... more
Compared to developed countries, Quality of Chest disease management in Bangladesh is almost equal
What are the common Chest Diseases prevalent in Bangladesh?
What is the status of management of these diseases in our country? Common chest diseases prevalent in Bangladesh are pulmonary tuberculosis, Bronchial asthma, Respiratory tract infection... more
Education,Caution, Medication and regular follow up are the key words of treatment of Asthma & COPD
We can divide our facilities into two components:
  • Facilities for diagnosis of chest diseases
  • treatment facilities
    • In Bangladesh, most of the diagnostic facilities are available in Dhaka City as our country is mainly Dhaka oriented. Some inve... more
Fabtech is going at a speed that would make its competitors envious
Tell us in brief about Fabtech Technologies.
Fabtech Technologies International Ltd. (Fabtech) started operation in Mumbai in 1999, manufacturing laminar airflow benches (LAF), at a facility which was spread over an area of approximately 100 Sqm. Expand... more
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